First and foremost, I want you to know that it DOES NOT matter where you’re starting from.
Whether your goal is to…
  • Look good naked.
  • Be healthier (and happier).
  • Lose 30 pounds (or more).
  • Grow a firm round butt.
  • Get leaner and stronger.
  • Get toned arms and abs.
  • Finally end the cycle of yo-yo dieting.
  • Have more confidence in everyday life.
  • Overcome your fear of the gym.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Get six-pack abs.
  • Or simply to FEEL better every day

I can help.

And as we make progress together, your life will change for the better.

But here’s the catch…

None of this will work unless you put in the work.

So I’ll give you the plan: training programs (exercises, sets, reps etc.) nutrition guidelines (daily calorie intake, macronutrient targets etc.)

Plus, I’ll hold you accountable:  personal, daily email support, weekly update forms, constant communication, etc.

And you give me your best effort.

And together we will dramatically transform both your body and your life.

OK? 🙂


Cool, I want this! But what is online coaching exactly?

Look, this is not your regular online fitness program. This is an intense, personalized coaching experience where you and I communicate on a daily basis to ensure you’re making the progress you desire.

A VERY thorough initial assessment.

  • Fully dissect YOUR goals. What do you really want to achieve and WHY?
  • Discuss your health history and movement capabilities.
  • Discuss your past training experience so I know what to expect
  • Learn about your lifestyle so we can truly personalize your program
We will do this assessment through both a 30 minute Skype call and a comprehensive assessment form that you will fill out before our call to get to know each other better and fully understand where you are right now, where you want to go and how we can best go about things to get there in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

YOUR custom training programming.

  • Training frequency and volume that match YOUR goals (terms for, you get what your goals demand and schedule allows for. No more. No less.)
  • Optimal programming: Order of exercises, number of sets and reps towards YOUR body and goals. Not some cookie cutter program.
  • A NO BS training approach. No weird exercises. The basic fundamentals of strength training will get you the most bang for your buck.
  • Cardio programmed if necessary and/or desired.

Personalized nutrition planning.

  • Your exact caloric needs. No random internet calculator or equation. We closely work together to figure out how much you EXACTLY you need.
  • Your optimal macronutrient distribution for your body and goals (if you desire to track all macros)
  • But above all, we will figure out an approach that works for YOU. I’m armed with hundreds of nutrition strategies, tools and tactics. We will figure out what works for you and stick with that.
  • A no restriction nutrition plan. Restriction will eventually lead to failure. I’ll teach you how to incorporate foods YOU like into your diet.

Personalized supplementation planning.

  • Some people really need some supplements, others don’t.
  • Some supplements work, others are a complete waste of money..
  • There’s NO magic pill. I only recommend supplements that YOU need and are backed with a HUGE amount of scientific research.

Accountability. The X-factor.

  • Updates to your program every 2 weeks to make sure your programming is on point.
  • Logging sheets to track your training and nutrition efforts.
  • You can ALWAYS email me with questions or send me videos for an in-depth exercise form analysis.

Most importantly a 100% personal coaching experience.

  • Daily communication to make sure you’re on track to achieve your goals every day.
  • You can email me at any point during the week or day to ask questions. No questions are dumb or off-limit. I’m here to help you. I want you to ask questions!
  • You’ll never feel alone in the process of making this change.
  • I’ve got your back throughout the entire process. Always. No matter what comes up.

Who should apply?

  • You’re ready for change. Ready to put in the work, in a sustainable way to achieve your goal and won’t give up until you’ve reached that goal.
  • You want me to look over your shoulder and ensure your progress.
  • You consider yourself to be a coachable person. You’re ready to listen to a knowledgeable coach who wants to work with you an a very personal basis.
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself to achieve your wildest health and fitness goals. 
  • You’re ready to (finally) commit and succeed in your fitness. Because that’s what’s about to happen.

One last thing before you apply.

Coaching is a financial but also personal investment. Your goals can only be achieved if we’re both doing what is required of us. Please ask yourself one more time if you’re really ready to make this happen. If you’re committed, willing to put in the work, time and effort success is only a matter of time!

If you’re ready for a change, apply down below and let’s make it happen!